EasyOmics Plate

The EasyOmics plate is designed for rapid diagnostics of bacterial infection identification and antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST). The EasyOmics plate allows researchers to utilize a panel of antibiotics at a range of concentrations for rapid AST. In addition, the EasyOmics plate allows the user to perform incubation and sampling of patient extracts in one step in order to extract metabolites (small molecules released from bacteria) and deliver them to the mass spectrometer for analysis.

Crosstalker Plate

The Crossfeeding kit is both a microbial culture plate and metabolite sampling platform combined into one simple device. Designed to assess the metabolic relationships which occur between two or more species of microbes, the Crossfeeding kit is an essential tool for cutting-edge research on microbial communities where it can uniquely help determine the metabolic contributions of individual members to a complex environment. The Crossfeeding kit allows users to easily sample metabolites that are produced by one species of microbe and consumed by others.

Metabolite Standard Mix

Pre-made metabolomics standard kits that contain up to 99 compounds and which are suitable for a variety of methods. Contains many important human and bacterial metabolites ranging from amino acids, organic acids, sugars, vitamins and nucleotides. Other specialized kits include important central carbon metabolites such as pyruvate and lactate. All standard kits have been thoroughly tested and validated and clients will receive support to ensure that their experiment meets current analytical testing guidelines.

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