Simpler and Faster Metabolomics

Currently, metabolomics approaches are hampered by complex and time-consuming workflows that are are difficult to implement in real-world scenarios. The existing workflows features high costs for the consumables, required for sample pre-processing (most of which are not optimized for metabolomic platforms) and rely on highly trained metabolomics experts to run the analytical instrumentation and interpret the resulting data. Our platforms provide everything researchers need to conduct reliable metabolomics analyses quickly and easily, without requiring specialized expertise. With the EasyOmics plates and metabolite standard mixes, researchers can conduct high-quality metabolomics analyses faster and more affordably than ever before. Our technology can be utilized in many different applications, including diagnosing bacterial infections, detecting cancer, and discovering new drugs. 

Multi-step Metabolomics workflow is turned into a straight forward single-step procedure.

Precision Diagnostics

Metabolomics for Precision Diagnostics

Metabolomics can be used for precision diagnostics by identifying unique metabolite profiles associated with specific diseases or conditions, providing a non-invasive and highly sensitive approach to disease diagnosis and monitoring. One such condition is bloodstream infection (BSI), which is a serious and potentially fatal condition. In fact, over 2 million cases of Bloodstream Infection (BSI) occur in North America and Europe each year, associated with 250,000 patient deaths. Of note, the mortality rate of BSI increases by 8% for each hour antibiotic treatment is delayed and the patients who receive the wrong antibiotic over this period, face a ten-fold increase in mortality.

Rapid analysis of blood samples for bacterial resistance is a critical step in reducing the mortality risk posed by a BSI. On the other hand, established clinical bioassays to isolate and detect bacteria and perform antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) are cost-intensive, tedious, need a large amount of sample volume (10-30 mL), and are time-consuming, typically requiring 3-5 days.

We developed the EasyOmics Platewhich couples with mass spectrometry for rapid antibiotic susceptibility testing, to address this challenge. An EasyOmics plate is an integral part of the workflow, allowing for the incubation and sampling of the patient samples in one step.

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