Metabolite Standard Mix


Fluidome Metabolite Standard mixes are developed as pre-made metabolomics standard kits that contain up to 99 compounds and which are suitable for a variety of methods. Our general metabolomics standard kit contains many important human and bacterial metabolites ranging from amino acids, organic acids, sugars, vitamins, and nucleotides. Other specialized kits include important central carbon metabolites such as pyruvate and lactate. We are also happy to work with clients to develop new standard kits based on their experimental needs. All standard kits have been thoroughly tested and validated and clients will receive support to ensure that their experiment meets current analytical testing guidelines.

  • The Metabolite Standard Mix is designed for general semi-targeted or targeted metabolomics analysis and enables compound identification and if desired, quantitation.
  • The Metabolite Standard Mix contains 99 metabolites that are commonly found in central carbon metabolic pathways.
  • The concentrated standard can be diluted as a standard series for metabolite quantitation.
  • Tested applications for the Mixed Metabolite Standard include microbial metabolic profiling and bacterial infection diagnostics.  
Packaging material Polypropylene tube
Sterility Not sterilized
Packaging 1 tube/package
Volume 0.5 mL
Base solvent 50/50 Water/Methanol (v/v) (HPLC-grade)
Number of compounds 99
Shipping conditions Dry ice
Recommended storage -20°C 

Current Composition:

We are in the process of designing new standard mixes for different applications. Please contact us if you have specific needs for your applications.

To see the list of metabolites present in the Metabolite Standard Mix, click here.



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