Fluidome Team

Mehdi Mohammadi, PhD, PMP
CEO, Co-founder & Metabolomics Technology Developer

Dr. Mohammadi received his BSc, MSc, and PhD in mechanical engineering and biomedical engineering, and has more than 13 years of experience working on biomedical projects, including developing biomedical devices,  point of care devices, Lab on a Chip & Disc microfluidics platform, biosensor development, metabolomics based biomarker discovery and diagnosis of infectious diseases. In addition, he has published more than 40 journal articles and book chapters in prestigious journals. 

Stephanie Bishop Image

Stephanie Bishop, PhD
CTO, Co-founder & Metabolomics Technology Developer

Dr. Bishop received her BSc and PhD in Chemistry and has more than five years’ experience working on multidisciplinary metabolomics projects, including analytical method development and validation. In addition, she has extensive experience in the Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry field and working with data scientists to develop new software tools for analytical chemistry applications and big data visualization.

Atefeh Rafiei, PhD
CSO, Co-founder & Proteomics Technology Developer 

Dr. Rafiei received her BSc, MSc, and PhD in Chemistry and has a decade of experience in working on bio-analytical chemistry projects and initiatives, completing >15 research projects as part of her degrees, and working as research associate, postdoctoral fellow and chief scientific officer. Notably, she studied Mass Spectrometry-based metabolomics in her MSc and focused on structural proteomics in her PhD. She also has extensive hands-on experience in wet-lab biochemical methods, Mass Spectrometry-based Omics data analysis, and computational modeling.

Soren Wacker, PhD
Machine Learning Technology Developer 

Dr. Soren Wacker is the Senior Bioinformatician and Data Lead in the Lewis Research Group where he currently leads the development of large-scale, multi-omics data integration pipelines for infectious diseases, integrating microbial genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics data. He holds a PhD from the Georg-August University of Göttingen (Germany) and recently lectured for the Machine Learning for Biologists with Python course at the University of Calgary. He is currently developing and updating MINT software that simplifies metabolomics data analysis. 

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