Simpler and Faster Metabolomics Workflows

Fluidome’s goal is to provide easy-to-use and high-quality platforms for researchers and clinicians, so that everyone can use metabolomics technology to discover biomarkers and diagnose diseases more efficiently.

Why Metabolomics?

Metabolomics provides a snapshot of all biochemicals present in a sample (organ, tissue, biological fluid, cell, or organism, plant, food, wastewater, crude oil) by identifying, quantifying, and mapping each biomolecule in the system. Mass spectrometry and NMR spectroscopy are the techniques most often used for metabolome identification in the applications such as:

Metabolomics has demonstrated its significant applications in various therapeutic areas, including infection, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, microbiome-related disorders and others.


Metabolomics can be essential to investigate the role of dietary components in health and the development of successful disease prevention or mitigation strategies.


Metabolomics dynamically assesses a living system and links it to physiological changes induced by disease and drug response, making it a valuable tool in developing new treatments.



Metabolomics reveals how genetics and the environment shape plant traits. It is a powerful tool for understanding biodiversity, gene expression, mutations, genetic engineering, and responses to stress, disease, and nutrition.

Metabolomics reveals how organisms respond to environmental stressors like pollution and climate change. It’s helping us protect and sustain ecosystems, such as monitoring fish exposed to wastewater treatment plants.

Metabolomics can be used to analyze thousands of metabolites from crude oil, as well as corrosion pipelines. It is also a powerful tool for uncovering bioremediation strategies.


Metabolomics provides a snapshot of all biochemicals present in a sample (organ, tissue, biological fluid, cell, or organism, plant, food, wastewater, crude oil)

Our Missions

Simpler and Faster Metabolomics

Metabolomics can be complicated and expensive, making it hard for researchers to use in real-world situations. Existing methods require trained experts and specialized equipment. At Fluidome Inc., we’ve developed multiple products which make metabolomics more accessible. Our platforms provide everything researchers need to conduct reliable metabolomics analyses quickly and easily, without requiring specialized expertise. With the EasyOmics Kit, researchers can conduct high-quality metabolomics analyses faster and more affordably than ever before. Our technology has many applications, including diagnosing bacterial infections, detecting cancer, and discovering new drugs. 

Metabolomics for Precision Diagnostics

Metabolomics can be used for precision diagnostics by identifying unique metabolite profiles associated with specific diseases or conditions, providing a non-invasive and highly sensitive approach to disease diagnosis and monitoring. One such condition is the bloodstream infections (BSI), a serious condition that affects many people each year and can be fatal. Delayed treatment and incorrect antibiotics can make it worse. It’s important to test for bacterial resistance quickly to reduce the risk of death. But current testing methods are expensive, time-consuming, and require a lot of sample volume. We created the EasyOmics Plate that has been proven in making BSI testing faster and easier. The plate simplifies the process by incubating and sampling the patient sample in one step, saving time and resources. Our technology can help save lives by detecting bacterial resistance faster and more efficiently.

Our Solution

EasyOmics Plate

The EasyOmics plate allows the user to perform incubation and liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) sampling of metabolomics samples, including patient extracts, in one step. Samples are loaded into the receiver plate and metabolites freely diffuse across the semi-permeable membrane where they can be directly sampled by the LC-MS system. The EasyOmics plate can be used for rapid diagnosis of bacterial infections and antibiotic susceptibility testing (AST) at a range of antibiotic concentrations.

Crosstalker Plate

The Crosstalker plate is both a microbial culture plate and metabolite sampling platform combined into one simple device. Designed to assess the metabolic relationships which occur between two or more species of microbes, the Crosstalker plate is an essential tool for cutting-edge research on microbial communities where it can uniquely help determine the metabolic contributions of individual members to a complex environment. The Crosstalker plate allows users to easily sample metabolites that are produced by one species of microbe and consumed by others.

Metabolite Standard Mix

Our metabolomics standard kits for liquid chromatography mass spectrometry (LC-MS) methods contain up to 99 compounds. They contain many important human and bacterial metabolites ranging from amino acids, organic acids, sugars, vitamins and nucleotides. Other specialized kits include important central carbon metabolites such as pyruvate and lactate. All standard kits have been thoroughly tested and validated and clients will receive support to ensure that their experiment meets current analytical testing guidelines.

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Fluidome products are customized for metabolomics applications and are proven to streamline and accelerate experimental and data analysis workflows

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