Fluidome designs state-of-the-art analytical tools to simplify metabolomics. Fluidome will bridge the current gap in the market for metabolomics consumables and has developed several platforms that streamline high-quality metabolomics-based workflows from sample preparation to data analysis. 

These platforms are designed with high-throughput applications in mind and are thus amenable to automation that offers the following advantages:

1-Saving time since multistep sample processing is not required,

2-Single-step workflow compared to existing multistep metabolomics workflow,

3- Cost-efficiency compared to existing products in the market,

4- Reduced time for expert analysis with metabolomics-specific software,

5- Specifically designed for metabolomics workflows unlike existing products in the market,

6-Rapid analysis, converting the current time-consuming multistep metabolomics workflows (that are difficult to implement in real-world scenarios) into a rapid single-step workflow

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