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Fluidome’s primary mission is to make state-of-the-art metabolomics available to everyone. Currently, This advanced technology is only accessible to a handful of specialty labs since metabolomics approaches are hampered by complex, time-consuming workflows that are difficult to implement in real-world scenarios. These existing workflows feature high costs for the consumables required for sample pre-processing (most of which are not optimized for metabolomics platforms) and rely on very highly trained metabolomics experts to both to run the analytical instrumentation and interpret the resulting data. Fluidome Inc. designs and builds high-quality metabolomics-based platforms and software that streamline and accelerate these workflows. These platforms are designed with high-throughput applications in mind and are thus amenable to automation and miniaturization. This means that Fluidome Inc.’s products can provide high-quality, quantitative metabolomics analyses at a fraction of the price of existing workflows. Our products address an urgent need in the metabolomic analytics market for tools that simplify exceedingly complex metabolomics workflows and make them accessible to users with minimal technical expertise.

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